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Friday, February 25, 2011

These Forgotten Arts

The preparation for this blog began in July 2009 when I married my best friend Joe. Suddenly, my cooking, cleaning, and budgeting skills (or lack thereof) mattered.  What did I know about homemaking? Not Much. What did I need to learn? A lot. Luckily, Joe has been graciously patient with me and tells me that my meals are great, even when I know better.
Now, my free time is filled with cooking, organizing, couponing, and budgeting. I’ve been surprised about how much I enjoy these most basic of homemaking skills. However, every time I cook, I’m reminded of how little I really know about homemaking:
·         "Yams and sweet potatoes aren’t the same thing? Oops. So much for your traditional Thanksgiving dish!"
·         "Why does my pie have two cups of liquid at the bottom?"
·         "Um . . . another doughy bread loaf mess."
·         "A little too salty? Your face gave it away."
·         "Should I throw the smoke detector away or forget pan-frying?"
So, through experiences like these, I learn (or at least question my process). And, in case you’re interested in following me through my future successes and “learning opportunities,” read on.
Get ready for a journey of humorous good fortune and failures as I attempt to tackle and document these home-skills:
·         Cooking & Baking
·         Cleaning & Organizing
·         Home Design
·         Sewing & Crafting
·         Budgeting & Personal Finance
·         Couponing
·         And, of course, more!
Through this process, I hope to articulate the personal value I find in exploring these avenues. Perhaps you can learn from my mistakes or at least find some humor in them. I hope that you’ll join me in attaining these skills for yourself, and I ask for your advice and experiences as you do so. Collaboratively we’ll be able to dominate these forgotten arts of the home! Here we go . . .